Top Free Online Storage Websites

There are various online Storage sites that you can be able to store from 1GB to 15GB of information for free. One of the main advantages of the online storage is you can be able to access your online documents anywhere in the world as long as you have access on the internet.

The following are the Top Free Online storage websites:

  • Google Drive– It gives you a free space of 15GB. You need to have a gmail account to save your document and files online. It also synchronises your documents an files with your computer.
  • Dropbox– It gives you a space of 2GB free and up to 18GB free when you refer a friend to Dropbox.
  • Box– Box gives you a free space of between 5 to 10 GB. You can organize your files and folder and share them with others.
  • Evernote– The space here is very little compared to the others.
  • iCloud – It gives a free space of 5GB.
  • Skydrive– It gives a free space of 7GB

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