Open Source Software

The term “open source” refers to something people can inspect, modify, enhance and share with others. There are various open source software systems that can assist you in doing your day-to-day task in an efficient way.  The systems are publicly accessible and a user can download the full source code modify the code to suit him or her and share it with others.  The term “open source” originated in the context of software development to detail a specific way to develop computer program. Currently, the term designates a broader set of values.  Some of the Principles celebrated with open source systems include open exchange, community-oriented development, collaborative participation, transparency, meritocracy, and rapid prototyping among others.

There is a difference between open source and the proprietary software. In proprietary software, the person or organization that created the software has total control over source code. It is the owner only who can modify, copy, inspect and change the source code. For any other person to use such kind of the software, there has to be an agreement between the user and the owner. The user has to accept the agreement to be able to enjoy the full benefits of the software. An example of such kind of software is Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop. Open source software is different compared to proprietary software because the source code is available to view, copy, learn change and share it. An example of open source software is LibreOffice. LibreOffice does the same function as the Microsoft office. A user must note that they also have to accept the terms of the open source license but the legal terms of open source differ with those of proprietary software. Open source licenses grant users computer users permission to use the open source software to inspect, modify, enhance and share, distribute the source code. The user can use the software for any purpose they wish with it.

Examples of Open Source Applications

  • OsTicket (widely-used and trusted open source support ticket system)
  • ChurchCRM (Can be used in Church)

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